President and Vice Presidents of the Old Alleynian Football Club

The Master Of The College Dr Joseph Spence

G.G. Able
P.A. Allen
P.R. Ashworth
R. Boultbee
A.M. Brookes
R.S. Butterfield
S.J. Cross
E.J. Dolman
S. Donaldson
H.P. Downer
D. Earl
D.R. Elsdon
A.T. Frankford
J.B.St.L. Franklin
I.S. Goodhew
J.B. Goodliffe
R. Hillier
P.J. Hulston
J.P.A. Jaanimagi
W.L. Lewis
P.G.R. Lyon
O.T. McEntee
H.C. McIntosh
M.C. Moore
K.N. Munyama
S.J. Newth
B.A. O’connor
S.J. Pillay
T.A. Rhodes
M.B. Rose
B. Russell
I.L. Saponia
R.C.D. Smith
M. Stone
E.S.J. Sutton
R.N. Tagart
C.R. Underwood
A.C.F. Verity
T.J. Walsh
J.R. Walters