OAs International Ticket Allocation

As of September 2017, the Club has introduced a new policy for allocation of international tickets to its members.

The club receives an allocation of international tickets from the RFU. This is discretionary; however, due to our London location and our large membership we apply for the maximum number of tickets available to us. The number, type (adult/junior) and value of the tickets we receive generally varies depending upon the importance of the games. The club pays the face value of the tickets to the RFU via Direct Debit, typically two months prior to the respective series of games. Not all international tickets are distributed to grass roots Rugby clubs like the OAs – other games such as when England host 2nd tier touring sides go on general release to the public direct from the RFU.

Allocation Process
First priority goes to the club’s sponsors, depending upon the value of the annual sponsorship they are providing.
Approximately 60% of the tickets will be made available to the Committee/Volunteer group.
The remaining balance of approximately 30% will be made available to the paying members of the club via a raffle event, which will be held at the club on or around 10 days prior to the first home game in any particular series of games (e.g. an Autumn International of Six Nations series). The nature and terms of this raffle event will be communicated before such event, and may change from time to time.
It should be noted that there will always be an element of discretion in the allocation of international tickets and the allocation process can be varied where appropriate and necessary.

Volunteers List
We maintain a list of our activity contributing volunteers. Such volunteers will be individuals who are deemed to contribute significant time to the club. Such time will typically exceed the HMRC’s definition of a participator for CASC purposes (i.e. somebody who coaches, is a match official, or who provides first aid at the club on at least 11 days in the rugby season (typically over 9 months).
If you believe you should be on this list and you are not receiving notification of the volunteers ticket allocation please contact Tim Wood (Senior Rugby) or Ian Goodhew (Youth Rugby). Tim and Ian will have the final say on who qualifies as a volunteer for these purposes.

To confirm; outside of sponsorship commitments, tickets will only be provided to active paying members of the club. For details of our membership categories please see details on the club’s website.

Apart from any tickets offered to sponsors, anyone that is allocated tickets will be asked to pay the full face value of the tickets to the club. We will also ask for a voluntary donation to the club with all tickets that are allocated. This both helps with the running of the club and also contributes to the admin costs and effort in getting the tickets to our members.

Communication on tickets being available will be via the club’s normal members’ communications and details on specific allocation will generally be via email. We will need to impose tight deadlines regarding the various group offerings to ensure that we have sufficient time to operate any waterfall arrangements.

Collection of Tickets
To keep costs down we will ask all members, where possible, to collect their tickets from the clubhouse bar during its normal opening times.