Becoming an adult member/Paying subs

To become an adult member of the Old Alleynian Football Club, please complete the attached application form with the requested information and return it to:

Mr Tim Wood, Honorary Secretary
Old Alleynian Football Club
Dulwich Common
London SE21 7HA

Or by email to:

Adult Subscription Rates for 2017-18 Season*

Member category Subscription rate (per annum / month)
Adult playing (male) £300 / £25
Adult playing (female) £150 / £12.50
Adult playing (student) £150 / £12.50
Social member (non-playing) £60 / £5
Honorary Life Vice president (as awarded by the Club’s committee in its sole discretion)£0

* The Club’s overriding commitment is to provide rugby for all; to the extent any member is financially disadvantaged and cannot afford the relevant subscription amount, the Club will be happy to discuss an alternative arrangement.


OAs Membership Form